Space and Time

Archaeology and Paleoenvironment in Peniche

Paleoenvironment and Settlement from the 6th to the 3rd millennium b.n.e. in the Peniche region.

This project intends to study the strategies of anthropic occupation, between the 6th and the 3rd-millennium a.n.e. in the area of Peniche municipality.

A region geomorphologically demarcated by a strongly dynamic coastline and fluvial network where certainly the paleogeographical, paleoenvironmental changes that led to the disappearance of several ecosystems, were the result of constant changes in sea level until its stabilization (5000/3000 years BP).

The paleoenvironmental reconstruction through bibliographic surveys, reviews of archaeological materials, paleoenvironmental studies, and new fieldwork, will be fundamental to elaborate a predictive model for the occupation strategies that I will test in the field, aiming to understand the settlement pattern. For these chronologies, I will have as a case study the interventions at the Baleal Fortress 1 CNS:38609 (Mesolithic / Neolithic) and the prehistoric settlement of Paço CNS:31149 (Chalcolithic).

Sites Identified

Prospected Area

Identified Karst Cavities

Archaeological Digs

Understand settlement strategies, perform economic and paleoenvironmental characterization of these ancient local communities.

Survey and compilation of information on regional contexts.


Opportunity to offer practical, contextualized, and current training to Archaeology students.


Involvement of the local population that will be invited to actively participate.

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Patrimonium – Center of study and defence of the patrimony of the Peniche region

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