The Project Goals

The Project Goals

Generate technical and scientific understanding to contribute to the regional knowledge process

It will try to understand the settlement strategies, carry out the economic and paleoenvironmental characterization of these ancient local communities, through the material culture, the morphology of occupation, the settlement models. Building predictive and analytical models based on environmental reconstitution and guidelines of the comparative areas. Carry out systematic surveys in the areas indicated by the predictive models, and archaeological excavations for characterization.

Scientific goals of settlement strategies:

Definition of settlement models for the various stages;

Definition of occupation models (physical limits, time expenditure, geomorphological constraints) through the existing predictive models;

Construction of predictive and analytical models through Geographic Information Systems based on environmental reconstitution and the guidelines of the comparative areas;

Systematic prospections in the areas indicated by the predictive models, and archaeological characterization excavations;

Review and compilation of paleoenvironmental and geomorphological studies, building and mapping paleoenvironmental scenarios of this chronology;

Scientific objectives of the chrono-cultural sequence:

Archeological excavations at the prehistoric settlement of Paço;

Economic and paleoenvironmental characterization of agro-pastoral communities;

Study of material culture and associated resources, locations of raw materials, and identification of exogenous production;

Scientific questions that are intended to be solved:

Are the settlement models known on a regional scale present, or is there another type(s) of settlement model for this territory?

Were the settlement patterns present defined by paleoenvironmental determinisms?

What are the chronological and cultural dynamics of these communities that occupied this territory between the 6th and 3rd millennium BC?

The project

Started in 2021, the Project Space and Time, Archeology and Paleoenvironment, in the Peniche Region has a duration of 4 years.

The stages

This project consists of six distinct stages of archaeological study.

The Team

Consisting of the project leader and the scientific coordinators.

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Patrimonium – Center of study and defence of the patrimony of the Peniche region

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