Project stages

Project stages

Paleogeographic, paleoenvironmental changes led to the disappearance of several ecosystems between 8000/5000 BP

The stages of the ‘Space & Time’ project:

Survey and compilation of information of the regional contexts already known and intervened, chronologically marked between the 6th and 3rd millennium BC, performing comparative analysis of the material culture and making settlement models of other supra-regional cases (Torres Vedras, Mafra/Sintra).

Beginning of the geomorphological, topographical, geological and paleoenvironmental characterization of the region through the compilation of data and that will allow to understand some impeditive facts, of the absence of the archaeological realities of these chronologies. Territorial evaluation can play an important role in the study of prehistoric societies as a method to establish the catchment area, where environmental factors, technological development and social and economic structures, should be considered in this territorial evaluation. It is intended to construct the prehistoric landscape through historical sources and archaeological evidence, not forgetting the use of a geomorphological approach method, which will help to understand this archaeological record, especially in complex geomorphological realities. Translated with (free version)

Realization of predictive models, knowing that they will be an essential tool for this project. Factors such as physical limitations, geomorphological constraints, and time spent searching for essential assets will be considered, thus filtering a finer sample regarding occupation strategies.

Based on these predictive models, I will conduct systematic prospection campaigns, following the Roberts, B. K. terrain analysis methodologies, as well as the descriptive methodologies. Comprehensive surveys are planned in the areas where archaeological excavations will take place.

Archaeological excavations planned for sites with distinct characteristics, but with the same objective: chronostratigraphic characterization; delimitation of the area of occupation; recovery of samples for possible absolute dating and paleoenvironmental studies. Understanding the dynamics of settlement.

Process of data analysis, compiling the information from the regional framing and the Peniche study. The same will result in the possible identification of the several occupation strategies, with the proper regional problems, from the 6th millennium to the 3rd millennium a.n.e.

The project

Started in 2021, the Project ‘Space and Time’, Archeology and Paleoenvironment, in the Peniche Region has a duration of 4 years.

The stages

This project consists of six distinct stages of archaeological study.

The Team

Consisting of the project leader and the scientific coordinators.

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