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Who supports this project

Who's supporting this project

PhD project by archaeologist Luís Rendeiro

Approved with a PhD scholarship by the Foundation for Science and Technology with the reference FCT – 2020.06242BD.

Funding institution for the PhD project

Host institutions for the doctoral project:

Local support institutions:

Patrimonium Association

Center for the study and defense of the heritage of the Peniche region

Paço Association

Paço Recreational Sports and Cultural Union

Rotary Clube

Rotary Clube Peniche


Ferrel Recreational, Cultural and Sports Association

Peniche Municipality

Peniche City Hall

Ferrel Town Council

Ferrel Town Council

Serra del Rei Town Council

Ferrel Town Council

Atouguia da Baleia Town Council

Atouguia da Baleia Town Council

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Patrimonium – Center of study and defence of the patrimony of the Peniche region

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